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International 1953-present

My first venture outside England was on the back of my father's tiny moped, to Normandy in France.  As noted in 'England 1946-70' I travelled extensively in Europe as a tourist in my younger days.  I generally travelled alone, and normally in the off-season, when crowds were smaller but sights and destinations were still open.  I broadbended my horizons in many different ways; relying on English, French and my very limited German.  Limited resources often meant wider contacts with people in the areas I visited, and I rearely found myself exploited except on a trip to North Africa.  My motorcycles were often a focus of attention, such as a large crowd in Sarajevo: or amusement, as in Prague when a wet train rail deposited me unhurt at the feet of a traffic policeman, in front of a large crowd.
My 'cross-cultural' experience was mostly gained in over a decade of working and living with the Anishnabeg of Northwestern Ontario; serving them and the full spectrum of Canadians in an area larger than the country I came from.
My 'working' experience abroad has mostly been membership in Parliamentary delegations, including the founding meeting of 'La Francophonie'